Under this administration, it seems that each day reveals a new violation of an already oppressed community, a new way to terrorize and traumatize. We are growing outrage fatigue. The solution to outrage fatigue is movement building--- organizing, strategizing, and fighting together so we can win. We need to be both strategic, and flexible enough to respond to ever-evolving developments, such as:

 ·         Separation of families at the border
·         The Muslim ban
·         White supremacists parading in the streets and killing people with public presidential support
·         The cancellation of the DACA program
·         Targeting of black, immigration rights and other activists
·         Protections for military, students, and trans folks rolled back
·         Sanctuary cities targeted for federal retribution

CJI's SOS Fund (Strategic Opportunities for Support) is an emergency, rapid response fund intended to support activist organizations  to move quickly and strategically to counter this morally-bankrupt administration.

Compelling applications will:
- Support a movement-building activity or effort;
- Take advantage of “unforseen” political developments or opportunities that could advance the movement against mass criminalization/incarceration/state violence;
- Oppose expansion of criminalization (especially those that would criminalize constitutionally protected behavior, activity, association or populations);
- Support actions or activities to expose, oppose or halt state actions, policies or programs that expand criminalization, incarceration, or state violence or advance restorative principles;
- Foster new connections between and among different communities, and increase representation of directly impacted communities in gatherings and leadership development;
- Are built on collaboration.

What follows is a simple application requiring a few brief answers regarding the project for which support is south, verification of 501c3 status of organization or fiscal sponsor, and project and organizational budgets.

NOTE: If you experience technical difficulties while trying to upload documents or submit yuor application, please contact support@submittable.com.

Circle for Justice Innovations (CJI Fund)